Kisses, Chloe


“Always engaging thanks to the nice acting and writing.”

-Doris Toumarkine, Film Critic

“A provocative three-character exploration of sex and love,

friendship and self-destructive behavior.”

-Danny Peary, Film Critic

“[These films] give me hope for non-Hollywood American

cinema in these rough-and-tumble times.”

-Michael Tully, indieWIRE

“Sexy, voyeuristic at times, and filled with tension.”

-Nicole B. Brewer,

“There’s something really special about this film - it’s just

a great movie.”

-Anthony Famiglietti, WEHM

“The cinematography, the light, the music, it just gels


-Walker Vreeland, WBAZ

“You feel like an observer in a very intimate setting.”

-Greg Schimizzi, WVVH-TV

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