Kisses, Chloe



When Emily and her boyfriend Alex arrive for the weekend at Chloe’s house, Emily warns Alex about Chloe. Guys love her and she them. Alex reassures Emily that he only has eyes for her, something which he’ll have to answer for when relationships past and present come to light.

Advance Praise

“The film is truly beautiful--the soft, limited color range, the filtered light of the interiors--the overall sense of a world washed out, depleted, empty.”

-John Glavin, author of Dickens On Screen

“Padilla uses the quiet isolation of this setting to his advantage, building the simmering tension in this erotic triangle until it reaches its inevitable boiling point.”

-Hamptons International Film Festival

“One of the most highly-anticipated films of the upcoming Hamptons International Film Festival.”

-Danny Peary, The Sag Harbor Express

Written and Directed


Stephen Padilla


Brad Coolidge

Mikal Evans

Robin Singer

Runtime: 94 minutes

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

Language: English

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